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White Snake Yoga Parvati Self Love Bath Blend


A mood enhancing bath blend consisting of magnesium, bentonite clay and pink Himalayan salt with a few Damascan rose buds; it's Self Love in a pouch.

Inspired by the Goddess Parvati, the animating force who brings skill, power, prowess and power whilst she infuses the world with her magic.

Many of us are magnesium deficient, I was for a long time and when I created this blend and incorpated it in new and full moon rituals, started soaking my feet at night whilst I read, chanted or watched TV I felt an enormous difference.

Parvati is a wonderful gift idea. Boston jar pictured, packaged in a heat sealed pouch with a transparent window,

Size: 300gms

  • 300gms

Meditate before you medicate!

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