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Atelier Botanica Golden Turmeric Latte


Atelier Botanica sourced the finest quality, high potency organic turmeric and blended with Atelier Botanica No. 002 Chai Spice Powder to create the most delightful Golden Turmeric Latte experience. The warm, pungent flavour of turmeric is lifted and balanced with our chai spice. Turmeric is nutritionally dense, antioxidant rich and abundant in anti-inflammatory ingredient curcumin. Our chai spices stimulate digestion and synergise with high potency turmeric to enhance absorption of curcumin, making Golden Turmeric Latte one of the most delicious ways to enjoy your daily dose of well being. 100% certified organic ingredients: Turmeric root (high potency 5% curcumin), Atelier Botanica No. 002 Ground Chai Spice (true cinnamon; green cardamom pods; ginger root; fennel seeds; licorice root; star anise; cloves; nutmeg) 300ml apothecary style glass jars hold 150 grams. Approx. 60 serves

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