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Atelier Botanica Pure Potent Chai Spice


This is Atelier Botanica's own unique spice blend and forms the foundation for each of their artfully spiced organic beverage blends. Traditionally used for anti-inflammatory, digestive, soothing and uplifting qualities, brewing chai is a flavoursome way to weave healthful and pleasurable rituals into your day. This is pure, potent organic spice blend is simply too delicious and too precious to brew once, only to discard to the compost. No. 001 Pure Potent Chai Spice comes with it's own unique brewing method to activate our spices and brew twice more without losing the intensity you desire from your chai. As the only organic and genuinely reusable chai, this unique product offers a simple and economical way to tailor each chai experience. 100% certified organic ingredients: True cinnamon; green cardamom pods; ginger root; fennel seeds; licorice root; star anise; cloves; nutmeg 300ml apothecary style glass jars hold 125 grams. Approx. 70 serves

Meditate before you medicate!

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