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Calm Body & Home Intention organic essential oil blend


Intention organic essential oil blend, 15ml glass amber bottle.  A wonderfully powerful organic essential oil blend for the emotions and intention clarification and setting.   Intention blend has a fresh, herbaceous aroma with a subtle woody, floral scent and you may find a simple inhalation brings a new state of mind.   Ideal for psychic protection and spiritual cleansing, this blend is added to our beautiful Lakshmi auric mist.   To dispel negativity and clear space for a new, positive energy diffuse in the home or office (especially if the home or office are new or are going through some upheaval).   Consisting of a carefully selected blend of herbs to clear negativity and create space for new, fresh beginnings the blend includes juniper berry, sage, lavender, cedarwood and Frankincense..  

Size: 15ml

  • 15ml

Meditate before you medicate!

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