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Frankincense Oil


Frankincense Pure Organic Essential Oil 'Therapeutic Grade' Boswellia serrata oil, 17ml glass amber bottle.

Commonly accepted and respected as the oil of truth and light, it reconnects us to the wisdom we incarnated with, dispels darkness and lifts barriers from the heart and mind, it invites us to let go of lower vibrations. I recommend for anyone preparing for major shifts and transformations to lean on Frankincense to assist you to see and feel things with the light shining which reveals truth and opens us up spiritually. The oil of light can provide a shield around the soul body and assist with transition.
This oil can also assist with developing healthy Fatherly connections and healthy masculinity.

All our pure, organic essential oils are sourced from sustainable, reliable and ethically sound farms.  They are Australian certified organic once they arrive into the country.  We are delighted to be able to bring to our customers such pure products with fair pricing without compromising on quality nor sourcing morals.


Size: 17ml

  • 17ml

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