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Good Morning Intentions : Sacred Rituals to Raise Your Vibration, Find Your Bliss, and Stay Energized All Day


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What can you do each morning to raise your vibration and jumpstart your bliss?Spoiler alert: The answer isn't coffee.

If you want to feel more grounded, energised, and connected to your goals, you should try what famous and highly successful people, from Benjamin Franklin and Jane Austen to Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey, have been doing throughout history: adopt a morning ritual, and stick to it! But where do you start?

In Good Morning Intentions, two Kundalini yoga and meditation teachers and entrepreneurs reveal 25 rituals to help you make each morning really matter, setting you up for daily success. In this easy-to-use and accessible guide, you'll find a powerful blend of energy-boosting exercises, breath work, simple meditations, and intention-setting practices-rather than complex yoga postures-to help you start your day with a deep sense of joy, vitality, and radiance.If you're ready to align your life with a higher purpose, increase your motivation, and reach your highest goals, make this book a part of your daily ritual.

Coffee is optional.

Meditate before you medicate!

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