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Kidalini Yoga Class Saturdays 08:00-09:00 AM Gold Coast


I look forward to resuming these classes once current restrictions are lifted.

"Children are full-fledged people with high potency antennae which record every vibration within their vicinity completely and very deeply."
20/07/76. Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Master.

Kundalini Yoga class for Children includes yoga postures, mantras, mudras, breath work, meditation and relaxation with elements of sound healing. Each class is designed to develop a Child's creativity, courage, imagination, confidence, fortitude and teach them how to relax and the ability to be still at times.

Please book online or arrive a few minutes early to pay and allow the Children to settle in, we start on time at 08:00 AM. A light, healthy breakfast before class is recommended, no junk food or sugar beforehand please.

Location is "I AM" Healing Gifts, 1/7-9 De Barnett Street, Coomera QLD 4209, please come to the side door.

Image of girl on fish tank by Bekah Russom with thanks.

Meditate before you medicate!

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