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Kundalini Meditation and Gong Bath Sunday February 13th 2 - 4pm


"And so, just as the snake sheds her skin to make room for new growth, we must too in order to make way for the soul to continue to express itself and share the gifts we all came here to share." Rebecca Campbell, Author and Mystic.

Please join us at Bikram Yoga Southport on the Gold Coast for a two hour Gong Bath to experience the power, force & grace of gongs and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in community. 

The theme of this Gong Bath is REST, SHED & RENEW. Gong meditations tune the body, assist with emotional cleansing, balance the energy and tone the nervous system. 

We will use the sounds of three gongs with a Kundalini Yoga practice and mediation, facilitating the movement of prana to heal the body, clear the mind, elevate consciousness and create a relaxed mind / body state.

The combination of breath technology, movement, mantra, rhythm, music, meditation and gongs promotes deep, deep relaxation. The sound of the gong is an excellent way to deepen a yogi’s focus, allowing a deeper connection to energy or prana that is produced and released during the practice.

You don’t have to but I recommend you wear white / light coloured clothing you can move, breathe and relax in as per the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Class is suitable for all levels, including beginners and expecting women.

Bookings essential due to restricted numbers in space, if you book and then can't make it please find someone to take your ticket, no refunds. BYO mat, meditation cushion, eye pillow, small blanket and water. Eat only very lightly beforehand and please come hydrated.

You can arrive 15 minutes early to get settled, position your mat, wash hands, etc. we start and finish on time.

Location is Bikram Yoga Southport, 1 Pirelli Street, Southport, free onsite parking available.

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