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Sahaja Sri Yantra II Resident Yoga Mat - Earth


The Sri Yantri contains all forms of sacred gemoetry & the meeting points of the upward & downward triangles represents the union of the Divine Masculine & Feminine. Earth colour: To ground, connect to mother nature. Our relationship to our environment & to celebrate the Year of the Earth Dog. Be a sahaja light giver & live in the flow! Made of 100% biodegradable & recyclable natural tree rubber, anti slip and carry strap included.

Size: 1830 X 610 X 4.5mm. Each printed yoga mat design is original and unique, created from the heart with thought and utmost love and care.  The designs are limited editions and the designs have been specifically created to be alignment cues to help the mover on the mat with their alignment and practice.  

Sahaja yoga mats, luxury eco-friendly printed yoga mats created by a yogi for yogis.  The base is made from natural tree rubber. The soft microfiber absorbent towel is made from recycled plastics, to give the mover a yoga mat and towel in one. The combination together gives you the sweaty grip of a towel and the support of a yoga mat. No more adjusting towels during your practice or slipping on a sweaty mat! The yoga mats can also be reversed, depending on your practice.

Sahaja’s printed yoga mat designs are all based on Sacred Geometry, yogic texts and life experiences.  Each design is original and unique, created from the heart with thought, utmost love and care.  The designs themselves are created to form organic alignment cues for the mover on the mat.  The mats are not just beautiful and give back, they are also functional with a purpose and a deeper meaning.

The Resident Mat 4.5mm (2.9kg) : Is a thicker yoga mat for yogis who practice at one studio and prefer the thicker yoga mat. Perfect for 10 minute shoulder stands or headstands or if you practice is studios that have concrete or wooden floorboards.  Is also a great yoga mat, if you need that extra little padding under your ankles or knees.

Size: Travel - (1830 X 610 X 1.5mm)

  • Travel - (1830 X 610 X 1.5mm)
  • Resident - (1830 X 610 X 4.5mm)

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