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The Six Cornerstone Kundalini Meditations - Six Week Online Meditation Course


A six week online ascension course to experience the six cornerstone Kundalini meditations* peaking when the auspicious 666 healing gateway opens on the 6th day of the 6th month in a 6 year (2+0+2+2).

Practicing each week a different Kundalini meditation, delving into its virtues, potency, benefits and discussing how each can be leaned on over time here in Earth School to yield:

  • optimisation of your self healing capacity
  • calibration and balance of the healing portals we call chakras
  • mastery of the breath
  • fortification of the nervous system
  • reparation of the brain's synapses
  • expansion of the grey matter
  • connection with your true identity, the "you" within you
  • clearing of karma and sexual imprints
  • removal of blocks, clearance on the pathway to your highest destiny


This series is ideal for you if you want to cultivate a regular meditation practice, would like to practice but have difficulty making it to an in person class, already practice Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and want more, or simply wish to harness some of the above mentioned benefits.

Six sixty minute weekly classes each at 6pm AEST delivered via Zoom and recorded, the link available to you for six days each week so you can repeat the practice as many times as you wish to deepen your experience and relationship with each of the meditations. The virtual classes are scheduled for:

  1. Monday May 2nd
  2. Monday May 9th
  3. Monday May 16th Full Moon and Total Lunar  Eclipse in the watery sign of Scorpio
  4. Monday May 23rd
  5. Monday May 30th New Moon in the airy sign of Gemini
  6. Monday June 6th - 666 when a healing RAINBOW gateway opens (what a beautiful visual?!)


Each of these six meditations are renowned for their individual healing, strengthening, balancing virtues and you can utilise all six to build and bind a firm, steady cornerstone for the mind, body and soul (and have them forever in your tool box!).

Email if you have any questions about the series.

Sat Nam, 

Kylie xo

Image by JJ Ying, thank you.

* according to RA MA Institute of Applied Yogic Science

Meditate before you medicate!

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