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A collective of yogi tools for the Aquarian Age

White Snake Yoga is a collective of yogi tools for the Aquarian Age. Our Founder believes that in these fast, hectic, pressured times we all need a lifestyle tool kit to deal with life in more measured, viable, focused and calm ways. How we manage stress, our moods, emotions, interactions with family, friends, colleagues and our community has wide reaching implications. The stressors are not going away but we can choose how we respond to them.

Through our Founder’s own health journey White Snake Yoga’s collective became a toolkit for managing dis-ease, maintaining wellness and preventing illness. The #yogitoolbox contains books, journals, aromatherapy and selected wholefoods, yoga classes, gong baths, intention setting classes and business classes using Kundalini yoga and meditation techniques to develop creativity, focus, clarity, prosperity and abundance.

Our products are organic, natural and cruelty free

White Snake Yoga Aromatherapy is organic, affordably priced, family friendly  and activated with sacred mantra. Single and blended essential oils for the body, mind, spirit and home. We offer products that are natural, cruelty free and partner with small, family businesses. When you buy with us there are families breathing more deeply, being rewarded for their passion and skill and enjoying more abundance.

The heart of our health and happiness mission is to foster a  holistic, healthy, happy lifestyle  and people feel they have the tools to manage their lives in healthy, happy and holy ways; The Aquarian Age is the age of self -mastery. Reliance on multinational companies will dwindle, hierarchies will crumble, living as passive passengersas we become more empowered, inspired, self-reliant and independent.


Meditate before you medicate!

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