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The Six Cornerstone Kundalini Meditations - Six Week Online Meditation Course

A six week online ascension course commencing May 2nd to experience the six cornerstone Kundalini meditations peaking when the auspicious 666 healing gateway opens on the 6th day of the 6th month in a 6 year (2+0+2+2).

Practicing each week a different Kundalini meditation, delving into its virtues, potency, benefits and discussing how each can be leaned on over time here in Earth School to yield:

  • optimisation of your self healing capacity
  • calibration and balance of the healing portals we call chakras
  • mastery of the breath
  • fortification of the nervous system
  • reparation of the brain's synapses
  • expansion of the grey matter
  • connection with your true identity, the "you" within you
  • clearing of karma and sexual imprints
  • removal of blocks, clearance on the pathway to your highest destiny

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Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Gong Bath for blood purification 22nd May 10am - 1pm

A beautiful 3 hour class with Kundalini Yoga Kriyas (sets), meditation and mantra to cleanse and purify the blood and improve circulation interwoven with multiple gongs and several rest, relaxation stages.

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Finessing The Lower Triangle; Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gongs Jul 10th 1300 - 1530

No chakra stands alone and the lower three chakras, root, sacral and navel constitute our lower triangle, our foundation. They are non cognitive, and non intuitive. If the energy in the lower triangle is not balanced, managed and transmuted to higher energy frequencies one is enslaved to hunger, thirst and sexuality, following the whim of the body.  You are reactive, rather than responsive. Our stability, our safety, sexuality, creativity, identity, our power are inherent in the lower three chakras and when we refine and finesse them we cultivate discipline, steadfastness, sexual potency, self mastery and confidence. From that steady, stable foundation we can elevate ourselves, opening the heart and the upper triangle to infinite compassion, oneness and expansion where liberation can occur. You will embark on the pathway to your highest destiny." Kylie 

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The Ten Bodies - Ten Week Online Kundalini Course

A ten week online self mastery course to explore and experience the ten bodies with Kundalini yoga, meditations and mantras commencing on the auspicious Lion's Gate Portal 8/8.

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Spring Clean Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gongs, Sun Sept 4th 1300 - 1530

"I want you to do to your mind, body & soul what Spring does to the flowers." Kylie

Please join me, Kylie, at Bikram Yoga Southport for a 2.5 hour Kundalini Yoga & Meditation extended class interwoven with multiple gongs. We will practice a cleansing, revitalising Spring Cleanse class and experience the power, force & grace of gongs and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Gong meditations retune the body, assist with emotional cleansing, balance the energy and tone the nervous system. It is a divine experience!

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The Eight Chakras - Eight Week Online Kundalini Course

"There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it." Elizabeth Behnke

An eight week online self mastery course to experience the eight chakras with Kundalini yoga, meditations and mantras. 

Chakras are energy centres that exist within the human body.  These energy centres, or doorways are mapped to different emotional and psychological values or virtues and we can use them to help correct imbalances and to establish internal harmony in the mind, body & soul.

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