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“Kylie is a professional when giving her classes, her energy is super positive and the meditations are deeply relaxing. I love the vibe of the studios where classes are hosted and the gong meditations are awesome. The classes I attended had been helpful to release stress and made me feel more energized. Wish I could attend to her classes more often as I can feel the difference in my body.”


“I have been practicing Kundalini with Kylie as my teacher for over 18 months and recently began private classes. Her knowledge, her teachings, her energy are inspiring and the results & shifts for me have been instant and ongoing. Any time spent with Kylie on the mat is a privilege.”


“Kylie is an inspirational teacher, always a joy to partake in her classes. If you have never tried Kundalini yoga, Kylie takes you on a gentle, thoughtful and amazing journey, and you can always be guaranteed leaving with a feeling of light, calm and invigoration. Kylie is a natural teacher with a beautiful gift. Never stop teaching, Sat Nam”


“My first Kundalini class was early this year with the beautiful Kylie, guiding us from White Snake Yoga and I have now attended 4 Kundalini classes. I find it a very magical class, I have been sent to a different place many times with the amazing Kriya's and Gong Bath that Kylie has performed. This is a class to release things from your past, the more you let go the more you will receive from the class. I find I am more positive, centred, grounded and I sleep so well for weeks after the class. Open your mind and your soul and try Kundalini for yourself. For me it is a wonderful experience.”


“I have recently discovered Kundalini Yoga and am so grateful to have had Kylie guide me through my first practice. Her approach is gentle and nurturing and she has the innate power to know exactly what your soul and body is searching for. Thank you Kylie for bringing Kundalini in my life.”


“Kundalini yoga with Kylie is a truly wonderful experience! Personally I adore the music and chanting, also the sense of calm and peace after a class. I am grateful to have found Kundalini practice and this very special lady.”


“Thank you Kylie for your wonderful kundalini yoga instruction. You make everybody feels so welcome and go the extra mile to personalise your classes. Sat Nam.”


“Thank you Kylie for your wonderful kundalini yoga instruction. You make everybody feels so welcome and go the extra mile to personalise your classes. Sat Nam.”


“Apart from being fun, the results of this type of yoga are nothing short of amazing. Personal experience was relief from months of acute pain following just one workshop.”


"Kylie's Kundalini classes are wonderful, inspiring and uplifting. Although it is harder than it looks, I have come out of each session feeling rejuvenated, calm and connected. I have received immense results in my personal life because of these classes. They are very powerful to shift unwanted energy. Kylie has a beautiful and calm personality with an amazing sense of humour. I love her and her classes. Highly recommended."


“Because Kylie and her products are amazing.”


White Snake Yoga's Business Communication, Intuition and Creativity using Kundalini Yoga and Meditation workshop is truly transformational of energy towards focus on great results for your business. I am finding myself that I need to constantly adapt & change to the ongoing unpredictability of our world at present. It seems like it will always be changing & that I have accepted. But, it does get difficult to keep changing, losing momentum & focus & getting downright confused about it all.
Attending Kylie's course enabled me the tools to create new habits. 40 Days will instil a new pattern. So magically with Kundalini I find I am able to lift up & reveal the 'little bubbles' in the way of my progress.
I am booked in again for this one & cannot wait to execute the next phase & join with so many beautiful like-minded people. Thank you for creating these workshops Kylie. Sat Nam.
I absolutely love attending Kylie’s workshops and classes, she truely walks her talk and is so committed to her own practice.
I’ve witnessed Kylie grow her businesses from strength to strength, overcoming challenges in her stride through dedication to her own personal Kundalini practice.
I highly recommend spending time with Kylie you’ll be captivated by her smile and learn valuable skills from her Kundalini wisdom.
Belinda Business Workshop Attendee
Conscious Communication and Business with Kylie was an absolute game changer for me! I was experiencing blocks, self limiting beliefs and resistance on going all in on my purpose. This class provided INSTANT shifts and was the catalyst to change. I highly recommend investing in yourself, investing in your business and investing your time with Kylie and her teachings.
Holly Business Workshop Attendee
I loved attending Kylie's conscious communication and business workshop. Kylie's teaching style is a beautiful combination of wisdom, grace and fun. After the workshop I continued one of the kriyas for 40 days which led to some really big shifts and growth for me. Definitely recommend!
Alex  Business Workshop Attendee

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