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Prayer Candles


Prayers can bring comfort, hope, faith and succour. It doesn't matter to whom you pray or what you say, just pray. When you don't know what else to do or how to help someone, pray, and a candle will light the way.

The pure light of the candle, frequency of the combined oils, serpentine activation, gongs and sound current of the Kundalini mantras will hold your prayer in tact and give it wings as you send your prayers in flight.

When we pray for others the Universal Laws send us back 6% of the blessings.

In good times and in difficult times, prayers can be sent in flight for you, a friend, family member, anyone that needs hope or healing. These prayer candles make a beautiful gift as they have been developed with specific intentions, hand made in small batches with love and activated by mantra, may you or those close to you lean on them. 


Choose your candle, relax, hold your intention, wish, desire, hope or goal in your mind's eye and the candle to your heart. You could say your prayer out loud (highly recommended), write it on a piece of paper or place a picture of your vision or photograph with the candle and when you're ready light the candle and look into the flame. Trust the candle will light the way for your prayer to be sent in flight for the highest good.

Ideally you burn the candle for up to 2.5 hours at a time on consecutive days holding, seeing and smelling your prayers being sent in flight.


Prayers for Hope and Healing - choose this for you or as a gift to someone who is requesting, thanking or emanating healing prayers. Activated by the healing mantra "Ra Ma Da Sa" and calling on Guru Ram Das, Saint for Healing and Miracles to send your prayers in flight.


Notes of lavender and oud.

Prayers for Courage & Resilience - choose this one when you are requesting or affirming the "Keep Up" spirit, to bend so you don't break, feel carried and surrender any overwhelm. Activated by the mantra Chattr Chakkr Vartee to send your prayers in flight.


Notes of musk, jasmine and blackcurrant.

Prayers for Prosperity & Abundance - choose this when you are in manifesting mode and casting an etheric prayer to light the way for prosperity and abundance, then open to receive. Perfect for business, home, plans for adventures and building opportunities. Activated by the mantra Bahota Karam to send your prayers in flight.

Notes of rose geranium, cinnamon bark and vanilla.

Prayers for Divine Feminine - choose this for females appealing to the powerful & creative Shakti energy, heal difficult relationships with females, nurture the female energy that resides within all of us, send gratitude to the graceful women in our lives or offer forgiveness to females. Send loving guidance or support to females, elevating them. When calling in a female partner this candle is perfect. For Mothers, daughters, sisters, grand mothers, granddaughters. Without woman, there is no one and nothing... Activated by the mantra Adi Shakti to send your prayers in flight.


Notes of Persian rose, violet leaf and amber musk.


Prayers for Sacred Masculine - choose this for males appealing to their "Strength & Stay", heal difficult relationships with males, balance and ground the male energy that resides within all of us, send gratitude to the incredible men in our lives or offer forgiveness to males. Send loving guidance or support to males, honouring them.


When calling in a male partner this candle is perfect. For Fathers, sons, brothers, grand fathers, grandsons. Activated by the mantra So Purkh to send your prayers in flight.


Notes of fir needle, birch and cedarwood

Prayers for Lifecycles & Stages - choose this candle to support you through beginnings, endings, and everything in between. Calling in a new soul or sending out a soul in transition back to Source. Graduations, mergers, acquisitions, separations, divorces, empty nests, a new addition to the family, selling or buying a new home, moving, starting or finishing a job or business. 


Activated by the Panj Shabad Sa Ta Na Ma to send your prayers in flight.

Notes of Frankincense and patchouli.


Each candle is 180gms, burn time approximately 40 hours. Hold the vision, send out the prayer.

Prayer mantra playlist 🎶🪽🤲

Safety first: supervise the candle, watch children and pets. A draught free zone is best so it burns evenly, maintain a short wick.

Style: Prayers for Healing

  • Prayers for Healing
  • Prayers for Courage & Resilience
  • Prayers for Prosperity & Abundance
  • Prayers for Divine Feminine
  • Prayers for Sacred Masculine
  • Prayers for Lifecycles & Stages
  • The Entire Prayer Field - one of each six candles

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