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Sacred Sex Energy; Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong Easter Saturday March 30th 10am - 1pm QLD time


"The lower three chakras, root, sacral and navel constitute our lower triangle, our foundation. They are non cognitive, and non intuitive. 

If the energy in the lower triangle is not balanced, managed and transmuted to higher energy frequencies one is enslaved to hunger, thirst and sexuality, following the whim of the body. You are reactive, rather than responsive. Our stability, our safety, sexuality, creativity, identity, our power are inherent in the lower three chakras and when we refine and finesse them we cultivate discipline, steadfastness, sexual potency, self mastery and confidence. From that steady, stable foundation we can elevate ourselves, opening the heart and the upper triangle to infinite compassion, oneness and expansion where liberation can occur. You will embark on the pathway to your highest destiny." Kylie

Yoga means union, and the highest form of yoga is a relationship, this workshop will offer you a deeper experience of relationship to yourself and others. 

Please join me for a three hour Kundalini Yoga & Meditation extended class interwoven with gong. Suitable for males and females and all levels welcome. We will refine and finesse the lower triangle and experience the power, force & grace of the gong and Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Breath Work. 

Gong meditations retune the body, assist with emotional cleansing, balance the energy and tone the nervous system. The sound of the gong is an excellent way to deepen a yogi’s focus, allowing a deeper connection to energy or prana that is produced and apana, the energy released during the practice. It is a divine experience and a systematic upgrade practice ✨.

The combination of breath technology, movement, mantra, rhythm, music, meditation and gong promotes deep, deep relaxation and transformation. 

We will plant seeds to:
⚕️Heal sexual hangups, fears, blocks, traumas, repression and wounds.

🍊Reclaim and understand the energy of the second chakra and run it through the body

🧘🏽Discover yogic practices for sexual health, vitality and longevity

🥹Reconsider empty sexual experiences

🧼Remove sexual imprints

🥰Amplify pleasure and exhilaration

🌀Experience how to circulate our pure and potent sex energy for neuron velocity, anti-aging, tissue healing and auric magnetism

You don’t have to but I recommend you wear white / light coloured clothing you can move, breathe and relax in as per the Kundalini Yoga tradition (please don't buy anything). Class is suitable for all levels and expecting women.

Bookings essential due to restricted numbers in space, if you book and then can't make it please find someone to take your ticket, strictly no refunds. 

BYO mat, meditation cushion, eye pillow, small blanket and water. Eat only very lightly up to two hours beforehand and please come hydrated.

Please arrive 10 -15 minutes before hand to get settled, position your mat, wash hands, etc. so we start and finish on time.




Size: Single Ticket

  • Single Ticket
  • Two tickets - Bring a friend / partner

Meditate before you medicate!

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