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All in divine timing

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Have you ever wondered why we time and count everything in the Kundalini Yoga tradition? What is the science behind it? Well, it’s all in divine timing…

3 minutes of a kundalini yoga kriya or meditation affects the aura and the circulation. It takes your blood approximately one minute to travel around the body so by practicing a specific meditation or kriya for a three minutes, you’ve coded its effects into your cells on a basic level.

7 minutes affects brain patterns and increases the strength of your magnetic field.

11 minutes starts to affect the nervous and glandular system.

22 minutes brings a balance between the negative, positive and neutral minds – our three functional minds.

31 minutes brings the essence of the kundalini yoga meditation deeply into the body’s cells and natural rhythms. It influences all levels of the conscious and subconscious minds.

62 minutes fundamentally changes the brain’s grey matter. The subconscious becomes conscious.

2.5 hours irrevocably changes the individual psyche and aura. The subconscious mind is held firmly in the shape by the kundalini yoga meditation. I recall in particular after The Master’s Touch meditation I felt I could hear the sun setting and see the grass growing!

Our three minds work in cycles of days, weeks and years, so we can use a repeated daily practice of 3, 11, 22, 31 etc minute timings or a kundalini yoga kriya or meditation in conjunction with these cycles to change unwanted habits or behavioural patterns. By meditating for a specific time, over a specific number of days, we replace a limiting belief system with an expansive, infinite one.

Women’s moon centres cycle every 2.5 days and we can meditate to balance accordingly, this is a whole other blog! When I began to research this I thought, “Those poor men, they have no chance to keep up with us…”

If you consistently practice a kundalini yoga kriya or meditation every day for 40 days you will change a habit/destiny. It takes 40 days for the meditation to sift out any thoughts and emotional patterns that limit you.

Continue the same kriya or meditation for 90 days and you will confirm that changed habit/destiny. That means the limiting belief has been replaced by an infinite, expansive, positive one.

Continue the same kriya or meditation 120 days, and you embody that habit/destiny. It becomes who you are, part of your psyche.

Continue the same kriya or meditation for 1,000 days, and you’ve mastered the habit/destiny. It is your infinite self.

Daily sadhana

If you want to embark on a forty day sadhana I encourage you to discuss it with your Teacher; if a particular kriya, meditation or mantra especially resonates with you during your practice I highly recommend you consider taking it on as a forty-day sadhana. We commit to a daily sadhana (practice) to experience the transformational life changes (some may surprise you!). My first experience with a Kundalini meditation was Kirtan Kriya, I committed to practicing it for eleven days as a beginner but benefitted from it so much I continued for forty days and from there dove deeply into researching this incredible technology.

NB. It can be common to sabotage during the forty, ninety, one hundred and twenty or a thousand days, this is part of the process to watch, to manage your mind and to stay on the path. Strong as steel, steady as stone.

Sat Nam,


Photo of my friend Hannibal and I by Angie Kruger Photography.

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