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Why do we cover our heads in Kundalini Yoga?

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When I first started practicing KY in 2014 I thought there was no way I would wear a head cover, chant aloud, sit on sheepskin or wake at 0330am for Sadhana - here I am now such a cliche! But I have learned from experience there is a reason for everything in KY and personally enjoy a whole bounty of benefits from the practice. I am deeply devoted to the teachings today but have taken one step at a time.

I practice KY daily and spend my days working in hospitals and travelling in airports, these are highly emotive and busy places and these days I am more sensitive than I have ever been.

In Kundalini Yoga the combination of breath work, mudra, posture, mantra and body locks can create a chemical change in the body; people report dizziness, tingling, light headedness, clearer vision, heightened sound and intuition. The chakras are activated and in particular the crown chakra heightening awareness. Where there is outflow there is also inflow, and a head cover can provide a protective layer against other people's energies. The head cover is about CONTAINMENT.

I have found that by wearing a head cover when I practice, am just at home and now teaching I am more gathered, focused, observe my thoughts more carefully and feel more contained. My posture improves, I stand and sit taller and it feels like a crown! During meditation my focus is improved because the head cover tunes the neurological system.

Babies are particularly open and I used to cover my son's heads when they were tiny without even knowing what I know now. Today I often see the Kundalini mothers covering their little ones heads, I think it's very logical.

If you are practicing at home or coming to classes regularly you will know when you are ready to try a head cover just to experience it for yourself. If you have had a hectic day and feel scrambled try having a cold shower, dressing in fresh white / light coloured natural fibres and covering your head with a turban, scarf or beanie and feel how it changes your energy.

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