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Why do we wear white clothing in Kundalini Yoga?

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The Importance of Wearing White by Yogi Bhajan
[Summer 1975, published in I am a Woman, p. 156.]

Yogi Bhajan taught us that wearing all white clothing expands our auric radiance by at least one foot - a strong aura gives us a strong and solid identity and projection, and negative influences are automatically filtered.

Wearing white is also an exercise in awareness, as it takes more consciousness and care to keep white clothes clean. Wearing white reflects what is outside when going within yourself.

"We wear white because it's a simple scientific fact that every piece of matter or material has a foot and a half aura. Every animal has a three and a half foot aura. Every human has a nine-foot aura.

"When you are totally dressed in white, the entire face reflects, and then it is very difficult to become intimate. Wearing white demands that the other person deals with you on a higher level, because that person has to concentrate in order to advance.

"To you, white is just one color, but to me, it is the total balance of seven colors."

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